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In Search of the Best Swedish Chokladbollar

Book Cover: In Search of the Best Swedish Chokladbollar
Editions:Hardcover - Standard Ed.
ISBN: 9781999732356
Pages: 160
Hardcover - Deluxe Ed.
ISBN: 9781999732394
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781999304041

A southeast asian falls in love with fika

Alaine Handa

Chokladbollar are Swedish chocolate balls. Let Alaine introduce you to her favorite snack through a collection of 30 alternately naughty, healthy and exotic – but always delicious – recipes. Alaine’s a global soul and chokladbollar, a constant in her nomadic lifestyle, reflect her culturally diverse upbringing. A recent convert to the Swedish art of fika, Alaine is keen to share the virtues of taking time out of our busy schedules to sit down with friends or on your own with a steaming cup of hot coffee and a chokladboll. Fika’s about taking the time to reflect on our manic lives and to remember what’s important to us. Chokladbollar are the perfect accompaniment to this and are an ideal gift for an old friend, a dinner party dessert or fun activity to create with the kids.

Alaine’s book is written in a fun and accessible manner, making it a great pick me up after a long day at the office or a tempting treat for all ages. She has fleshed out the recipes with an investigation of fika culture in contemporary Sweden, complete with city guides and a tour of some of the coolest new coffee bars in town. Scandinavian design’s one of the hottest out there right now – this book distills some of that in the art of making these simple yet profound treats.

Publisher: Springtime Books
Reviews:Marilyn White, finalist in The Amazing Food Challenge, Season 3 wrote:

The first time I tried Alaine’s chokladbollar it was as if my tastebuds threw a party and the chokladboll was the special guest. They’re so decadent, divine and delicious it’s impossible to just have one.

Pierre Orsander, food writer wrote:

Alaine is more obsessed with chokladbollar than any Swede I know.

Emelyn Taing, manager, Canvas Suites, Melbourne wrote:

One of my fondest memories of studying in Switzerland was spending quality time at Alaine’s apartment with a few friends – and the chokladbollar that she makes taste amazing – writing this, I truly miss those conversations over chokladbollar.

Karen Turner, freelance writer and blogger, Wanderlustingk wrote:

Alaine is truly passionate about chokladbollar and her chokladbollar are delicious!

Miyuki Sugihara, artist representative, Faber Castell wrote:

One big-tasty-happiness-bomb explosion or long-lasting-peaceful healthy-happiness in your mouth... Alaine’s chokladbollar gave me both!

Sofie Svensson, Swedish resident in Lund and advocate of Swedish tourism wrote:

Thanks so much for the chokladbollar, Alaine. They were delicious!