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Insights and Interviews from the 2018 FIGT Conference

Book Cover: Insights and Interviews from the 2018 FIGT Conference
ISBN: 9781999880835

Diverse Voices Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Globally Mobile Lives

When a conference is as great as FIGT you want to remember all that you learned and were inspired by during the Keynotes, the Concurrents, the fast-paced Lightning Sessions and at the Kitchen Tables. It’s impossible to attend every session and for many it is impossible to attend every conference. This book, compiled by the Parfitt Pascoe Writing Residency team, will bring the event back to life complete with its experts, its insights and conversations. You know that this, the fifth book in the series, deserves a place on your bookshelf.

Publisher: Summertime Publishing
Reviews:Valérie Besanceney, international school teacher wrote:

"A well-written and wonderful compilation of valuable material for anyone who has attended the conference or wished they could have been there.”

Rebecca Grappo, RNG Educational Consultants wrote:

“If you attended FIGT 2018, you will want to be able to revisit the highlights of this fabulous conference... and if you missed it, you’ll definitely want to see what you missed!"

Deborah Valentine, Executive Director of ACCESS wrote:

“The next best thing to attending a FIGT conference is having all the insights from it – at your fingertips.”