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Insights and Interviews from the 2014 FIGT Conference

Book Cover: Insights and Interviews from the 2014 FIGT Conference
ISBN: 9781909193796
Pages: 204

Insights and Interviews from the 2014 Families in Global Transition (FIGT) Conference: The Global Family Redefined

Jo Parfitt (Compiler)

Almost 20 years ago, four women sat round an Indianapolis kitchen table and had a dream. They dreamed of creating a conference that would inspire, support, inform and encourage families living overseas. 2015 marks the 17th Families in Global Transition conference which currently takes place in Washington, DC, attended by people from every sector: corporate, missions, military and education. Researchers, teachers, spouses and authors join experts in their field to share three common goals: to teach what they know; to make connections; to learn more about what it means to be globally mobile. This book of insights and interviews, garnered from the 2014 event and written by the Parfitt Pascoe Writing Residents provides those who cannot make it to Washington a peek into what goes on, what is said and what matters at FIGT.

Includes contributions from Sue Mannering, Dounia Bertuccelli, Justine Ickes, Cristina Bertarelli, Terry Anne Wilson, Alice Wu, Nikki Kazomova, Becky Matchullis.

Reviews:Ellen Mahoney, Nomination Chair of the Board of FIGT wrote:

A brilliant review of the many talents and amazing stories to be found at an FIGT conference. I'm honored to be featured in a book that will shed light on the incredible talent in our global community.

Robin Pascoe, author of books for expat families wrote:

What better symbol than the kitchen table for evoking important family discussions? It’s no surprise that the vision for Families in Global Transition grew out of such a warm, comforting, and encouraging image. And now, here are the words to accompany that picture.

Isabelle Min, CEO & Founder, Transition Catalyst Korea Institute wrote:

Catch up on the latest and hottest FIGT conversations! Now I can relive every session and learn all about those I missed.

Julia Simens, FIGT Program Chair 2015 wrote:

While FIGT is in session, we all want to be in three or four places at the same time but simply can't. This inclusive record of what goes on makes Insights and Interviews a keepsake that lasts for decades. Now you really can be in several places at once.

Yvonne Quahe, Global Mobility Specialist, World Bank Group wrote:

It helps us appreciate and understand how the past brought us our present and inspires our future.