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Italy, a Romantic Journey

Book Cover: Italy, a Romantic Journey
ISBN: 9780995502765

My Top Ten Most Beautiful Destinations in Italy

Rochelle Cheever

Italy has always been a destination for travelers. For centuries, Rome was the caput mundi, center of the known world. Even after the fall of the empire, all roads led to Rome, the seat of the Catholic Church, a place of pilgrimage. In the 17th century, Italy became the primary destination of the Grand Tour, a trip essential for educating young men of means to experience Italy’s antiquity, art and architecture. But they saw more than they were sent to find. They saw sunlight, passion, a hunger for life. Why Italy? Because it is breathtaking. They say on the seventh day God didn’t rest, he created Italy.

Let celebrated photographer, Rochelle Cheever, take you on a romantic journey of her top ten Italian destinations –  Rome, Capri, Florence,  Polignano a Mare, Venice, Lake Como, Positano, Orvieto, Ravello, Chianti – with her stunning imagery capturing the very essence that is Italy.

Publisher: Springtime Books

Award-winning finalist in the Travel Guides & Essays category of the 2018 International Book Awards.