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Japan Brats Vol. 1: Beginnings

Book Cover: Japan Brats Vol. 1: Beginnings

The Youth Who Bridged Opposite Worlds

Michael Weddington

In 1946, the U.S. Military inadvertently conducted one of the most fascinating social science experiments of the 20th century: They began sending thousands of American children from all over the U.S. to live in lands of recent bitter enemies for years at a time, with their parents. One prominent destination was Japan (including Okinawa), a culture as mysterious to America as any on Earth. Whatever happened to those American children in Japan, and the waves of dependents that followed them?

This project answers that question with hundreds of heartfelt stories, photographs, historical & cultural context, and copious research while providing hope for our currently polarized society: That regardless of our differences, we can come together with common cause no matter how daunting the circumstances.

Volume one covers the beginnings of Japan Brats from their first arrival in Japan in 1946, as illuminated with relevant historical and cultural context, and hundreds of individual and family stories (with photographs). See, feel, and imagine what the first arrival experiences have been like for over 100 interviewees and their families across eras and places. 450+pp. with 500+ photos/images.

Volume 2 | Volume 3

Reviews:Sarah Bird, author, The Yokota Officers Club and Above the East China Sea wrote:

...a monumental labor of love that I—as a former military kid who spent part of my youth in Japan—read with tears in my eyes and a new understanding of the power of representation.

Pamela G. Blaxton-Dowd, author of Condemned to die & A Mother's afterthoughts wrote:

With tears in my heart, thank you, Michael Weddington, for Japan Brats.

Margaret Johnson, Chair of the LA County Bar Association’s Armed Forces Committee wrote:

Exceptionally captivating, personal, and raw accounts of Third Culture Kids growing up in post-war and mostly pre-internet/social media Japan.

Ruth E. Van Reken, co-author, Third Culture Kids wrote:

A great, important, and captivating read. Japan Brats: The Youth Who Bridged Opposite Worlds, occupies a unique place in the world of Third Culture Kid (TCK) writings.

Mary Edwards Wertsch, author, Military Brats wrote:

Eminently readable, deeply moving, and very revealing.

Dr. Circe Olson Woessner, Founder, Museum of the American Military Family wrote:

I am delighted that Michael Weddington has created such a comprehensive and thoughtful look into the culture, history, and stories of military children.

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