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Jump Down Under

Book Cover: Jump Down Under
ISBN: 9781907498633
Pages: 238

Trues Stories of Relocating to Australia

Iain Ayres

Many dream of a life Down Under. After all, who wouldn't want to exchange a life of grey skies and ready meals for one of spontaneous barbies laden with fresh seafood under a never-ending blue sky?

Author Iain Ayres did just that and has now built a business inspiring others to do the same. Jump Down Under is exactly the book he wishes he'd been able to read before he took a leap of faith and moved to Australia.

This book tells it how it is. The reality of making the move, telling the family, settling in and, most importantly, how to get that coveted visa! With the emphasis on first-hand accounts rather than endless to do lists, Ayres provides the reader with a snapshot of the pre-decision, pre-departure, arrival and settling in process told by people who have been there, done that and now got the (probably Fosters XXXX) tee shirt. After hours of interviewing men and women, husbands and wives, singles, the young and not so young, this is the only book of its kind and fills a very real gap in the market.

All the practical stuff and vital information is there too, of course. This is the definitive must-read.

Publisher: Springtime Books
Reviews:Joanna Hubbs, Senior Editor on transitionsabroad.com wrote:

An absolutely unique and indispensable guide – filled with expert as well as personal accounts – to the challenges and the benefits of emigrating to Australia or living for a time in this fascinating subcontinent.