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Knocked Up Abroad Again

Book Cover: Knocked Up Abroad Again
ISBN: 9780997062427
Pages: 314

Baby bumps, twists, and turns around the globe: Volume 2

Lisa Ferland

This heartwarming, sometimes hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking anthology of stories by 25 women in 25 different countries illustrates that the more we see, the more we learn about ourselves as human beings. The second anthology in the Knocked Up Abroad series takes readers on an emotional, heartfelt, and humorous journey as an international group of mothers traverse the obstacles, trials, and tribulations of pregnancy, birth, and parenting around the globe. Each mother experiences the cultural differences when raising children in a country that looks, sounds, and expects completely different behaviors than the culture in which she was raised herself. From South America to Asia and many countries in between, the core values of love, heartache, loss, and growth are common for mothers everywhere.

Publisher: Lisa Ferland