Life After My Saucepans

Book Cover: Life After My Saucepans
Editions:Paperback: £ 8.99 GBP
ISBN: 9780995502741
Pages: 236
Kindle: £ 4.99 GBPePub: £ 4.99 GBP
ISBN: 9780995502758

Lifting the Lid on Living in the Dominican Republic

Lindsay de Feliz

In What About Your Saucepans? Lindsay de Feliz gave up marriage and a successful career in the UK to follow her dreams as a scuba diving instructor in the Dominican Republic. She met and married her Dominican man and went on an incredible adventure involving political corruption and being shot in her own home.

Life After My Saucepans continues the story with Lindsay and Danilo living in hiding, away from the beaches and tourist resorts, in the mountainous, remote, sparsely populated north-west of the country. Will Danilo return to politics, will they turn their lives around and will they adapt to their new surroundings?

While visitors will recognise the descriptions of local men who scam foreign women (sanky pankys), they will also experience a different side of the country from Lindsay’s colourful narrative where the friendly, yet quirky, nature of the Dominican people is uncovered.

Full of incident, adventure, laughter and tears Lindsay describes her day-to-day life with her indomitable husband Danilo, as she comes to realise this is where she has always meant to be.

Publisher: Springtime Books
Reviews:Jack Scott, author wrote:

Honest, gutsy and packed with warmth and infectious humour.

Ilana Benady wrote:

Fans of What About Your Saucepans? – both book and blog – won’t be
disappointed. The simple pleasures and irritations of life in the Dominican
Republic and the tragedies and triumphs, both great and small, are described
with the honesty and deadpan humour that Lindsay’s readers have come to
know and love.

Author: Lindsay de Feliz

Lindsay de Feliz was born, raised and educated in the UK, graduating in Modern Languages from Wolverhampton University, and holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Bradford University. She worked for over 20 years as Marketing Director for various financial service companies, as a Marketing lecturer and a freelance consultant. She then decided to follow her dreams and travel the world as a scuba diving instructor, ending up in the Dominican Republic. She fell in love with the country and its people and eventually met and married a Dominican, becoming step-mother to his three young sons. She has been living there for the past 11 years, working as a writer, translator and marketing consultant. Lindsay currently lives in the middle of nowhere in the Dominican Republic with her husband, four dogs and seven cats.