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Life in the Camel Lane

Life in the Camel Lane
ISBN: 9780578607351

Embrace the Adventure

Doreen M Cumberford

IN 1995, Doreen Cumberford catapulted herself into an extraordinary adventure halfway around the world. Leaving a comfortable American lifestyle, she moved to Saudi Arabia with her husband and toddler. Instantly assaulted by culture shock, they had to quickly adapt to a complex multicultural lifestyle inside a corporate compound. Danger was never far from their threshold, including the events of 911 and the Iraq War. At the same time, they discovered surprising and wonderful connections between East and West, including the charismatic lifestyles of middle-class Saudi women behind closed doors.

Doreen and her family grew to love life in the Camel Lane and discovered a growing passion for multiculturalism and global living. However, upon returning to the US, they discovered they no longer fit into their old life. With compelling honesty, Doreen describes their most challenging journey: creating new identities as citizens of the planet. Her story provides insightful inspiration for anyone longing to embrace the world as their home.


Publisher: White Heather Press
Reviews:MidWest Review wrote:

While her experience will likely be filed in the travelogue section of the library, limiting Life in the Camel Lane to the armchair adventurer alone would be to do it a disservice. Much more than a survey of another culture and lifestyle, Life in the Camel Lane is about making the kinds of mental and social adjustments that allows better understanding, revised perceptions of humanity's connections, and a better affinity for Middle Eastern cultures and lifestyles.

It's also highly recommended for readers interested in personal growth and intercultural opportunities—particularly those who would understand exactly how attitudes changed.

Jo Parfitt, author and mentor wrote:

A rich and rewarding read as we dive into a journey into the mysterious world of a very different way of life in “the camel lane”.

Linda A. Janssen, author wrote:

Part memoir, part primer on learning to lean into the transitions of life led across cultures, Doreen Cumberford’s thoughtful Life in the Camel Lane captures her years in Saudi Arabia against the backdrop of an entire life lived globally. It is the lovely, instructive chronicle of one who continues to approach cross-cultural adventures from a place of respectful, curious, lifelong wonder.

Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, Ed.D wrote:

Breezy, conversant, easy to read, clear, and engaging.

Pubby Review wrote:

A very interesting look back at living in the Middle East during stable - and turbulent - times. It’s amazing to me just how many Americans take their freedom for granted.