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Little bunny Dandelion is moving house

Book Cover: Little bunny Dandelion is moving house

Or: how to make friends abroad

Angela Schreiner

The little bunny is moving house from Rabbiton, where he has lived comfortably with his bunny friends, to another city in another land. In his new home everything seems different: the landscape, the food, the language and the other animals. Little bunny is afraid he may never find friends again. But then he watches closely and suddenly finds the key to making new friends ...

Publisher: Books on Demand
Reviews:Wiebke, Chameleon Cross-cultural Training & Expat Coaching wrote:

Beautiful and lovely children’s books with heartwarming illustrations, especially designed for third culture kids.

Isabella G, expat mom wrote:

The two books are beautifully written and designed. My boys didn't just thumb through, they learned the stories off by heart! Part 3 is much anticipated - more beautiful, exciting and fun.