Book Cover: Living Your Best Life Abroad
Editions:Paperback: £ 15.60
ISBN: 9781904881162

Resources, tips and tools for women accompanying their partners on an international move.

Jeanne Heinzer

Here it is, your holistic self-coaching guide that will help you to change your life forever as you embrace living in a new country. It is never too early or too late to read a very practical guide like this, one that addresses all eight life areas that are crucial to your happiness and success abroad. Areas such as your living environment, relationship to your partner, family and friends, health, work, finances, personal growth and fun and leisure. Written for Accompanying Partners who move with their partners all over the world, this book can help you whether you are transferring from New York to San Francisco or from London to Dubai.

This book is for women who wish to not only survive but also to thrive and enjoy every minute of their stay. Jeanne's book puts you back into the driver's seat of your life. Working through this book will help you to pinpoint the life areas where you wish to be happier and to develop a vision and a clear plan for your life abroad that provides you with focus and a clear sense of direction. Jeanne and her team of expat experts have a combined experience of more than 100 years abroad. As an accompanying partner, Manager, Intercultural Training Consultant and Coach, Jeanne has successfully enabled expatriates to look at their whole lives, identify areas for further happiness and to actually realize significant changes for the better. This book will enable you to design your perfect life and includes:

  • learn how to identify your personal values,
  • read real life stories of accompanying partners from all over the world,
  • work with the Art-of-Living-Abroad Wheel,
  • get newly created tips and tools for every area of your life,
  • develop your powerful new vision and personal action plan,
  • do a compatibility check to see if you can turn your actions into reality,
  • secret tips and resources from all contributing experts.

With this book you can live your BEST LIFE ABROAD!

Publisher: Springtime Books