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Love Me Not

Book Cover: Love Me Not
ISBN: 9780620806299

Tuscan Lovers Trilogy Book 2

Jacqueline Falcomer

Abandoned at the age of three, Hortensia is raised by three peasants to serve the greater good of others. As Hortensia matures, losing her naivety and innocence, she realises her role in the game plan and fears for her unborn son. Her intention to provide her son with a secure future fails. She breaks her one promise - she gives him up. In return, she gains a girl who she raises as her own. When life starts to go as planned, her son’s biological father, a past lover and a man desperate to make her his lover, threatens all she has striven for. To save her children, herself and the valley's livelihood, Hortensia must make the biggest sacrifice of all.

Publisher: Jacqueline Falcomer
Reviews:Klaus Weixelbaumer wrote:

Vivid and breath-taking observations sing from the pages capturing the soul of by-gone Tuscany.

Toni Morgan, author wrote:

An insightful and magical story of a woman who is a survivor.

Madge Walls, author wrote:

Written by and author who lives where she writes, with great authority. Jump on board and enjoy the ride!

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