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Me and My Big Move Workbook

Book Cover: Me and My Big Move Workbook
ISBN: 9781735419008

Are you moving with your kids to another country?

This workbook is packed with activities and colorful journal pages that empowers kids for a Big Move. As a bonus: it includes over 250 stickers and 3 postcards to send to your loved ones!

A Big Move is a big step into the unknown. A new place, new school, new friends, new food, new surroundings, and possibly a new language. How do you socially and emotionally prepare your kids for this?

Created together with experts, this fun and science-based activity workbook is here to guide your kids through this big life transition and make it fun: the “Me and My Big Move” workbook!


This interactive and mindful workbook helps prepare kids for their life changing event: A Big Move! Doing the activities will help to create a positive mindset, build resilience, and talk about change, in a very engaging way: through drawing and playing​.


The book covers all stages of a Big Move, before, during and long after settling in. By using the worksheets and journal pages kids learn how to create their “good goodbyes”, how to prepare for the Big Day, play games to explore their new place, how to guide their feelings, be confident in making new friends and stay in touch with loved ones. Each chapter covers a different “Me and My” stage and has its own color, which makes it easy to navigate.


Doing the activities in this book together really helps to communicate with your kids about change. It helps to open the conversation and is a great tool for the entire family. Together you will enjoy the ride!


To cherish all your beautiful family memories, the book has a hardcover, 100 pages of high-quality paper (140 grams) and a handy back pocket to store drawings and pictures. This makes it a beautiful keepsake.


Over 250 stickers & 3 postcards. Color in or send a colorful card to stay in touch with your friends and family. After purchase you will get access to FREE EXTRA TEMPLATES on meandmybigmove.com.

Kickstart your family adventure now!

And have you recently moved? Not to worry. Guiding you through all the phases of relocating, the book has a focus on the settling in period, while this period kids can experience the change the most. So even if you already made your Big Move, the book will help you settle in more quickly! Enjoy!

For more information on the book: meandmybigmove.com/workbook and get access to free templates and games: meandmybigmove.com/freebies.

Reviews:Marina (Spain) wrote:

I wish I had a book like this when we were young!

Rose (US) wrote:

Kids love it! (..and parents too).

We’re in the process of moving back to Belgium from the US with our 2 boys (age 5 and 8). This book has been extremely helpful in getting them ready for the big change and really helps opening up the conversation about moving to a different continent they have only been to a few times.

We started out doing a few pages every night before bedtime, but now they are asking for it on a daily basis in the daytime to play with as well. they also love the stickers and postcards that came with the book. I can strongly recommend this to any parents that are moving their families to a new place to get their little ones ready. The book is high quality hard cover and was delivered within a few days. Two thumbs up!

Heidi (Denmark) wrote:

The best gift for an Expat Family!

Bart (US) wrote:

A great way to involve your kids! Very helpful to write down thoughts, ideas, feelings that kids might be experiencing when moving (abroad). It also helps to create a dialogue with your child, which sometimes can be challenging in itself. All in a positive, playful and fun way! Love it!

AWE (US) wrote:

Well-made and unique book!

Our 5 year old has spent so much time using this book, and is really loving all of the activities (and creative stickers) getting him thinking about his friends circle, his range of feelings, and adventures that he is planning on undertaking”.

As parents, we really appreciate the thoughtful layout and ability to navigate the book through various chapters (e.g. "Me and My Family", "My Feelings Are My Guide", "My Friends From Everywhere") which is clearly labelled at the beginning and throughout the workbook. As we've been using this book, we really can see this being fun not only for families preparing for a move, but also for families who are not yet considering a move - as the activities apply to vacations, new school years, and general conversations on making friends.”

What a great concept and really appreciate the authors' detail to attention and storytelling!”