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Meet Me in Miami

Book Cover: Meet Me in Miami

Gig-Economy Writer Discovers Food, Love, and Money Habits in Journey Across USA

Charles St. Anthony

Food, romance, and magic: Charles St. Anthony discovered more than he bargained for in Miami. After a wobbly welcome to the South Florida metropolis, Charles does more than 1,000 food deliveries using food delivery apps. In doing so, he finds some of the most scrumptious food that Miami has to offer. Along the way, Charles picked up more than just pizza! He meets someone and gives his account of how the relationship unfolds.

We've all seen the bizarre news stories that frequently emerge from the Sunshine State. Charles also gives the authoritative analysis as to why "Florida Man" exists. Part comedy and part investigative journalism, Meet Me in Miami follows studies Charles St. Anthony has written on Beverly Hills and Oklahoma City. Written with his characteristic panache, he takes you on a tropical adventure in a city where the cultures of the United States and Latin America collide.

Publisher: I.G. Studios LLC
Reviews:Jack Scott wrote:

As expected, Charles' latest love letter from gig-land is funny, keenly-observed and erudite, The Golden Girls, it ain’t.

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