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Meet Your Muse

Book Cover: Meet Your Muse
ISBN: 9781915548160

The Dance of Creativity

Charise M. Hoge, MA & Kathleen M. Kroska, MA

Whether you believe it or not, you are creative.
You have been making a life for yourself all along.
Tap into your innate creativity when you meet your Muse. Quiet yourself, go inward, and listen for her cues––inspiration that seems like magic. Your Muse continually entices you to join in the dance of creativity. In this unique, empowering book, you are invited to be more intentional and bring this partnership to light.
Let writing prompts, experiential practices, art, and poetry guide your journey through the five components of living the creative life.
Explore, expound, express, shape, cajole, and roll with the creative spirit that lives in all of us.
Meet Your Muse.

Publisher: Springtime Books
Reviews:Jeneen Piccuirro, ​founder of Soul Voyage Studio wrote:

Deeply inspiring and joyfully captivating. What a gift!

Laurie Mattila, discovery writing instructor wrote:

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I especially liked that it did not pressure the reader; it felt like a loving invitation.

Lucinda LaRee, fitness entrepreneur wrote:

Helped me understand how to use my mind, spirit, emotions, and physical body to express myself in words, art, and dance.

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