Myanmar: A Memoir Of Loss And Recovery

Book Cover: Myanmar: A Memoir Of Loss And Recovery
Editions:Paperback: £ 14.73 GBP
ISBN: 9781105440052
Pages: 412

Judyth Gregory-Smith

Myanmar: a Memoir of Loss and Recovery traces two journeys: a geographical journey and an inner journey. The author travels alone around Myanmar over several years and gradually comes to terms with the illness and subsequent death of her husband, Richard. Though painfully sad at times, these journeys of discovery and recovery celebrate their life together. Not speaking the language in Myanmar prompts many humorous incidents and her grief dispels as she finds ways to regain happiness.

Publisher: Lulu

Author: Judyth Gregory-Smith

Judyth Gregory-Smith is a travel writer who has published three travel books and numerous articles in travel and in-flight magazines. The Guardian Weekly in London has taken much of her work as has The Weekend Australian in Sydney and recently The Expat magazine in Kuala Lumpur. Her book about Myanmar led to Judyth sponsoring educational courses which resulted in one student receiving a degree and others receiving technical diplomas. Judyth also ran a sewing business in Myanmar for several years. She paid the seamstresses for their work and then, when she sold it in Australia or Malaysia, she took the profit back to them. One of her current projects is Gifts of Sight, which entails collecting used glasses in Malaysia and the UK. Judyth then takes the glasses to isolated villages around Myanmar to people who have no financial hope of being able to buy them.