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Now It’s Clear The Career You Own

Book Cover: Now It's Clear The Career You Own
ISBN: 9780995502703
Pages: 190

Jane Horan, Ed.D

Do you find yourself thinking that there must be much more to life, but not certain what it is you really want? Or do you know what you want, but not sure how to get there? The desire to find meaning and purpose has been pondered since time immemorial.

Now It’s Clear answers these questions by taking you on your own journey through the past to become acquainted with the present, in order to make decisions about your future. This book will set you on a path of discovery to find purpose, uncover strengths, be comfortable with doubt, navigate resistance, build a network of support and share your story at any stage in your career.

Using a mix of insights from business, psychology, philosophy, poetry, and leadership research, Now It’s Clear with show you, step-by-step, how to better understand yourself and your purpose. It’s an insightful and uplifting guide, filled with creative exercises, reflective questions and practical tips to reveal the what, why and how of meaningful work and how to share your career story.

Based on her work and research of over twenty-five years, Jane Horan has had the opportunity to listen to stories across cultures, industries and levels, from those transitioning into leadership to returning to work or in-between jobs. By connecting the dots from such stories, Horan shows us the visible patterns and themes in order to find purpose at work, every day.

Publisher: Springtime Books
Reviews:Sally Helgesen, author wrote:

Now It’s Clear is quite simply a wonderful book, written in an elegant and engaging voice. I found myself captivated by Jane’s story and the lessons she has to impart. I know women around the world will benefit from her wisdom.

Yoshito Hori, Founder and President, GLOBIS University, wrote:

What separates this from other career books is the focus on looking within and finding your inner voice. My 25 years of experience in business education has taught me the importance of this principle: finding your purpose helps you keep going when the times are tough, and it separates the best from the rest. I am delighted to see that Dr. Horan has made this clear, easy-to-follow book available to help readers find their true calling and put their careers on the right path!