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Once Upon an Expat

Book Cover: Once Upon an Expat
ISBN: 978-6027333529

An Anthology

Lisa Webb, Nicole WebbMargaret OzemetMarcey HeschelMargo Catts,  Catriona TurnerGabrielle YetterRosemary GillanKimberly Tremblay

Whether you've made the leap abroad yourself, or you're simply curious about what it's like to set up life in a foreign country, Once Upon An Expat will not disappoint. With brave tales of life outside the comfort zone, the contributing authors will have you craving adventure as they share stories from their not-so-ordinary lives around the world.These stories will transport you to the streets of Libya, boulangeries in France, a hospital in Kazakhstan, and a strange situation in a Saudi Arabian security office. Through the pages of this book, laugh your way through crazy family adventures in a tropical jungle and share in the sorrow of grieving from afar. Discover how to get a perfect Brazilian body, go falconing in the Middle East, and take away insight on being raised abroad from a Dutch doctor born in an African bush camp. Join us on this journey and along the way meet a tribe of global souls who together make up this heartwarming and at times hilarious anthology.

Publisher: Canadian Expat Mom