Book Cover: Pixie's Holidays
Editions:Paperback: £ 7.50

Emmanuelle Payot Karpathakis

Pixie, a little donkey who moved to a new house, returns to her old home for the first time. Oh no! She does not recognize the place. Worse still, her friend Lila does not remember her. Pixie is very sad, but still finds a way to have a wonderful vacation.

"Travel with Pixie as she encounters the ups and downs of a global life. Old friends, new friends, lost memories, wise elders - all are captured in this engaging story."

Anne P. Copeland, Executive Director, The Interchange Institute,

"A touching and wise portrayal of the challenges often faced by young expatriates. Pixie's Holidays is the perfect resource for parents to address the natural yet conflicting emotions that expat children experience as they attempt to understand and strike a balance between new friends and old."

Alison Cavatore, Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Global Living Magazine,

"Early relationships help children to build and maintain their own identities, and even though difficulties to let go are normal (even for grown-ups), learning to deal with them is essential. Pixie's Holidays explores this theme in a truthful manner."

Simone T. Costa Eriksson, co-author of The Mission of Detective Mike Moving Abroad, available on Amazon,

"Pixie's Holidays provides an opportunity for parents and children to explore together the experience of home visits through reading about Pixie and her old friend. Like Pixie's New Home this book will be a helpful addition to the expat family, pre-school or international school library."

Trisha Carter, Cross Cultural Psychologist, Cultural Intelligence Collective,

Publisher: Summertime Publishing