Book Cover: Pixie's New Home
Editions:Paperback: £ 6.49
ISBN: 9781904881988

Emmanuelle Payot Karpathakis

This is the story of Pixie, a little donkey, who is moving to a new house. She is sad about leaving her best friend. On her arrival, she meets a strange animal that she has never seen before. Pixie will discover a new world full of joy! This charming story is for young children who are about to move house and will help them to understand the emotions they may go through as a result. It is designed to manage a child's expectations, help them to become resilient. It will also give them hope. « In "Pixie's New Home," Emmanuelle Payot Karpathakis offers us a delightful, beautifully illustrated book for young children, In it, she addresses the paradoxes inherent in moving for all children, particularly those who are growing up accompanying parents on international assignments. Parents and children alike will recognize both Pixie's curious wondering about possible adventures ahead and also the great sadness she feels in leaving friends behind.

Publisher: Summertime Publishing