Release the Book Within

Book Cover: Release the Book Within
Editions:Paperback - 3rd Ed: £ 37.00 GBP
ISBN: 9781909193918
Pages: 110
PDF - 3rd Ed: £ 37.00 GBP
Pages: 110

Get that non-fiction book planned, written, edited and on the bookshelves in eight easy lessons.


Jo Parfitt

Isn’t it time you let that book out? If you’ve been thinking of writing that bestseller or simply turning your knowledge into a product then you’ll learn all you need to know to release your creative potential and turn your ideas into a polished finished product. In this step-by-step recipe book for success by ‘Book Cook’, Jo Parfitt, you’ll learn everything about the writing process, self publishing, pitching to publishers and more as Jo shares over two decades of hard won experience with you. Learn:

  • How to put the book you have been burning to write into a format that will sell
  • How to find your voice and hone your vision based on what has worked for other successful expat authors
  • The ins and outs of self-publishing and e-publishing
  • Plain English information on ISBNs and other stuff you’ll need for your book
  • How to deal with publishers and agents
  • How to write a compelling synopsis
  • Much, much more…

Finally the acclaimed publishing and writing masterclass that led one delegate to go on and publish 33 books and get 5 best-sellers in just over 2 years (not to mention moving to Spain in the process) is available in both print and PDF editions.

Publisher: Summertime Publishing

Author: Jo Parfitt

I have run my own business since I was 25, largely because I am a serial entrepreneur and cannot survive without the variety provided by being self-employed. After 10 years living and working abroad, we returned to England in 1997 and Summertime Publishing was born. In 2005 we moved to The Hague, then to Malaysia in 2014 and now back in the Netherlands. I have developed a business based on writing, publishing, mentoring and teaching what I know. I know how to write, how to publish, how to run a business despite international moves, how to network and how to live abroad. I find countless opportunities to change lives through my writing, teaching, speaking and mentoring and love nothing more than to 'share what I know to help others to grow'.