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Rituals of Separation

Book Cover: Rituals of Separation
ISBN: 9780692815892

A South Korean Memoir of Identity and Belonging

Elizabeth Rice

When her American family returns to the U.S. after sixteen years in South Korea, Liz is a hidden immigrant. Her mixed-up cultural identity is veiled behind the face of the girl down the street. She's the granddaughter of upperclass Americans, but her homeland is a divided Asian peninsula of neon-lit cities, five-hundred-year-old palaces, and army dictators. Rice tells the story of her life in South Korea from ages nine months to sixteen, the influence of the tragedy and tension of the Korean peninsula, and the story of her parents, who walked arm-in-arm with social activists during South Korea’s democratic revolution. Told with honesty and humor, Rituals of Separation captures the tension of living between identities, the deep longing for home, and the determination to find healing in the face of unrecoverable loss.

Publisher: Tojang Press
Reviews:Elizabeth Underwood, author of Challenged Identities: North American Missionaries in Korea, 1884-1934 wrote:

Rituals of Separation is ultimately a joyous celebration of the 'in between' and will speak deeply to those whose identity was forged between and across divergent cultures and places.

Amazon Reviewer wrote:

Told with unflinching honesty Rituals of Separation perfectly captures the untethered nature of being torn between two cultures. Part memoir, part history, Rice expertly weaves the tale of her parents, her own childhood, and the experiences of the Korean people during those tumultuous years into a highly readable and enjoyable book. Once I started it, I could not put it down, and I have gone back time and again to re-read it. This book is a precious gift to those of us who lived the experiences that Elizabeth writes about so eloquently.

Rachel Patten wrote:

A beautifully written memoir about transitions and belonging. People who have lived internationally, especially as children, will appreciate the author's description of sorrow and loss of culture and community. Knowing someone else has gone through the transition, will help others through the grief process.

Amazon Reviewer wrote:

This is a wonderfully crafted memoir. Not just about a girl or missionary life - such a forgotten gem in our fast USA world - but a real peek into culture with a very sweet, unadulterated point of view.

Amazon Reviewer wrote:

Such a great book with insight to life in Korea! The author's detail in talking about cultural differences was amazing. Great historical perspective on the division of North and South Korea to the emergence of South Korea as an economic powerhouse. Would definitely recommend.