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Safe Passage

Book Cover: Safe Passage
ISBN: 9781909193406
Pages: 362

Safe Passage: How mobility affects people & what international schools should do about it

Douglas W Ota

Moving is one of life’s greatest challenges. The largest study in educational research history demonstrates that moving harms learning. But moving not only challenges students. The experience of lost identity extends across the lifespan, also affecting parents and school staff.

Firmly grounded in psychological theory and cutting-edge neuroscience, Safe Passage maps the challenges and charts a course for individuals, schools, and accrediting bodies to navigate them. Although primarily focusing on international schools, the hopeful message within this book reaches into any school, university, or organization where human beings come and go.

Reviews:Barbara F Schaetti, PhD, Founder, Personal Leadership Seminars wrote:

Every international educator and expat parent should buy this book. Ota’s style will pull you in and his ideas will transform what you think is possible.

Jane Larsson, Executive Director: Council of International Schools wrote:

Safe Passage took me on an emotional journey – one that helped me understand the experiences that have shaped me. I believe it will help others too.

Chica Strauszer; Parent, Founder of Transitions Program, International School Nido de Aguilas, Santiago, Chile wrote:

A good Transition Program can make the difference between a great experience abroad and a rough one. Ota’s book makes it possible for one person to start the wheels turning anywhere in the world.

Lois J Bushong, MS, Author, Belonging Everywhere & Nowhere wrote:

Safe Passage is indispensable for every therapist or teacher who works with TCKs. it is sure to be a classic in the TCK literature.