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Saints and Sinners in Oklahoma City

Book Cover: Saints and Sinners in Oklahoma City
ISBN: 979-8444442449

An Exploration of Food Culture in Oklahoma Using Food Delivery Apps

Charles St. Anthony

Joining the California exodus, Charles leaves the Golden State for high adventures in the Great Plains. Landing in Oklahoma City, he decides to check out the food in The Big Friendly by using food delivery apps to see what the city's residents are eating. In this work of gonzo journalism, Charles finds some of the tastiest and most unique dishes he discovered while doing food delivery. Also, Charles uncovers how Oklahomans like their steaks prepared and how many orders of ranch dressing there were in the 500 plus orders he did in Oklahoma. Also, he compares the eating habits of Oklahoma City to the ones in Los Angeles with some shocking results. Which city has the better tippers? LA or OKC? The differences and similarities will surprise and astound you. It's a quirky, witty, feel-food short read that will leave your mouth watering! Start laughing now. Saints & Sinners in Oklahoma City is part food journal, part sociological case study, and 100% fun!

Publisher: Independently Published
Reviews:Jack Scott, author of Perking the Pansies wrote:

When his California dream turned to nightmare and with creative career in tatters, author and fast food courier, Charles St. Anthony gave La La Land the finger and hit the freeway for prairie pastures new. Pitching his wagon in Oklahoma City, ‘where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain’, he could earn an honest crust at half the price. In this latest fast food exposé, the author lifts the lid on the traits, trends and tastes of Okies. Delicious, shrewd, funny and surprising, Charles the Bold is not one to let the grass grow.