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Sammy’s Next Move

Book Cover: Sammy's Next Move
ISBN: 9781456495015

Sammy's Next Move

Helen Maffini

Sammy's Next Move is a wonderful story about a snail named Sammy who lives around the world with his parents. He is a 'third culture kid', TCK or global nomad. He often moves to new countries and has to change schools and make new friends. Sammy experiences the feelings and thoughts common to children in similar situations. Sammy is a snail and so he carries his home with him wherever he goes, just as a third culture kid does by knowing that home is where their heart is!

This lovely story also includes two pages of practical tips and activities for parent and children to do during a move abroad.

Author Helen Maffini is a 'third culture kid' herself who lived in Japan as a teenager. Since then she has lived in ten countries and has two third culture kids herself.  Beautiful illustrations by Mike Swaim are a key feature of this lovely story.

A must read for every expat child!

Reviews:Shelley Antscherl, Journalist wrote:

Sammy’s Next Move is written by seasoned expat and mother of two Helen Maffini and tells the story of what it feels like to be a Third Culture Kid, in a way that children will identify with. It’s a simple tale, engagingly written and very nicely illustrated and at less than 20 pages long, it’s ideal bedtime reading for children and their parents. With two pages of tips and project ideas for parents of TCKs, this is the perfect little book for any expat child about to embark on a new adventure.