Book Cover: How to Sell Your Spanish Property in a Crisis
Editions:Paperback: £ 11.25
ISBN: 9781905430529

Nick Snelling

Are you thinking of selling your Spanish property - or is it already for sale but you have yet to find a buyer? Are you feeling helpless and depressed and powerless to do anything? Do you want to be proactive, save money and sell quickly? There are many tools at your disposal that can give you a critical 'edge'. If you understand the selling process and know the 'tricks of the trade' then you can take control and sell your property quickly and successfully no matter what the economy is doing. Read this book, get ahead of the competition, relieve the stress and leave the crisis behind... As industry insiders, Nick Snelling and his contributors provide all the critical information, tips and real estate 'secrets' you need to make you immediately effective.

Publisher: Summertime Publishing