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Spain, The Expat Survival Guide

Book Cover: Spain, The Expat Survival Guide
Editions:Kindle: £ 4.99

Spain, The Expat Survival Guide

Yolanda Solo

Spain continues to rank as the most popular expat destination with hundreds of thousands of us living or owning property here and thousands more pursuing the Spanish dream each year. Yet, despite huge numbers choosing to relocate here, only a handful of expats are really successful in the long term. The rest give up on their dreams and retreat back home… poorer, disillusioned and defeated. These ex-expats found out the hard way that moving to Spain, buying property or even buying a car here can become a bureaucratic nightmare filled with struggle, frustration and unforseen costs. The good news is you can avoid the problems that catch most expats out by learning from someone who’s already experienced them first-hand.

Inside, Yolanda shares…
  • Culture Shock – prepare for some of the big changes you will be faced with and why it doesn’t pay to be too polite!
  • Bureaucracy – avoid expensive mistakes and safely navigate your way through the minefield of Spanish bureaucracy involved in everything from paying a simple bill to buying a house
  • Employment – find out why you may well be unable to find a job in Spain and the costs and steps involved in starting a business here
  • Property – ensure it doesn’t become a financial black hole into which a seemingly never ending supply of money is lost for ever
  • Resources – get hundreds of useful links along with case-studies and tips to help save you time and money

Whether you’re considering moving to Spain, have just landed or are already an expat in Spain, this book will make your life easier giving you more time to enjoy it!