Spinach Soup for the Walls

Book Cover: Spinach Soup for the Walls

Spinach Soups for the Walls, Finding my spirit in Africa

Lynne Harkes

Here is a message of hope for anyone in despair. When we see our troubles as opportunities for growth, we can turn our lives around.

Lynne Harkes has lived in many wonderful and colourful places. Her husband’s work has found them moving from Nigeria to South America, from the Sultanate of Oman to the jungle of Gabon in West Africa. It was a life of privilege and of expanded personal horizons, and Lynne describes graphically both the warm hospitality and resilience of the native peoples, and the magnificence of the landscape and animal world.

But equally, the intensity of such a nomadic existence magnifies one’s personal challenges, and Lynne found herself retreating into unhappiness and isolation. This beautifully written book is the story of how she fought to rediscover her own spirituality and find a new way of thinking. In the end, she would say, it was simple: we must learn to see the beauty of nature and of our own everyday world, to “recognise the remarkable in the ordinary”.

Publisher: Local Lending Publishing

Author: Lynne Harkes

Lynne was born in Edinburgh, where she currently lives and works as an artist. She is accustomed to expressing herself and her wonderful creativity in her bold and beautiful flower paintings, which have been exhibited worldwide and hang in collections in India, Australia, South America, Kuwait, Oman, Bali, South Africa and the UK. In recent years, however, Lynne has also derived great pleasure from using her creative talents to write about some of the colourful places she is fortunate to have lived in, due to the nature of her husband’s work, which has seen him relocate every few years. Lynne believes her creativity in both her art and literary work is a way for her to shares the spirituality that is so important to her. “At times, just as my paints freely move across the canvas, with seemingly little effort on my part, the words in my book ‘Spinach Soup for the Walls’ have come together almost magically and powerfully convey the highs and lows of expatriate travelling life. I feel that a message of hope has come through for people who may be encountering personal struggles. We think we have to slay rampaging lions, or have walked through blazing fires to have a life-altering, personal transformation. Nothing could be further from the truth. My story is simple in its content and moderate in its drama but remarkable in its lessons. I hope my words will inspire people to see the remarkable in their ‘ordinary’.”