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Swimming with the Elephants and Other Adventures

Book Cover: Swimming with the Elephants and Other Adventures
ISBN: 978-1519631992

Author, freelance writer, editor, expat and world traveller, Anne Louise OConnell was born to travel. On the last day of one trip she always seems to be planning the next. Like many adventure lovers, she works to travel and tends to avoid packaged tours because the beaten path just doesn’t beckon to her. She is always enticed by the overgrown trail or the donkey track that mysteriously juts at an angle off to the left. Here is a collection of stories from just a few of her travels throughout Asia, the Middle East, South America, the Greek and Caribbean Islands along with a smattering of insights into expat life. This book was compiled as a gift to Anne’s mother, Theresa, who is constantly intrigued by her travels and loves hearing her tales (and came up with the title for the book). If you’re a fellow traveller, hopefully this will pique your interest in some new places, or bring back some fond memories of paths you’ve taken before. If you’re an armchair traveller, sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the ride.