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Taking on China

Book Cover: Taking on China
ISBN: 9780991707553

How I Freed My Husband from Jail: A Memoir

Karen Patterson

In 2010, Karen Patterson’s life is turned upside down. The Canadian is living in Beijing, China, with her family when her husband, Chinese artist Wu Yuren, disappears. Wu, along with other artists, had been protesting the People’s Republic of China’s lack of regard for human rights. During Karen’s search for her husband, she discovers that he has been beaten and is now illegally incarcerated. This book, TAKING ON CHINA: How I Freed My Husband from Jail, is about Karen’s fight to release Wu from the clutches of the mighty Chinese government. Along the way, she realizes Wu Yuren’s story is only one out of millions.

Publisher: Family Lines
Reviews:David Mulraney, Canadian Ambassador to China, 2009-12 wrote:

The author's courage, unwavering loyalty, fierce intelligence, and fearless determination shine through through the pages of her book.

Michael Bristow, Asia-Pacific editor, BBC World Service wrote:

...not just about the pain experienced by one family, but a window into a country where freedom is no one's right.

Gillian Steward, columnist, Toronto Star wrote:

This story is more than inspiring. It's a heartfelt call to action, proof that even in China one person's relentless pursuit of justice can make a difference.

Peter Simpson, freelance editor/journalist wrote:

This book shines a light on the plight of thousands of Chinese who take on the authorities in the name of justice and human rights.

Mark MacKinnon, Senior International Correspondent, The Globe and Mail wrote:

Karen Patterson’s story is one of bravery and resistance, a one-woman struggle against the repressive and Orwellian Chinese state.