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The Art of Transition

Book Cover: The Art of Transition
ISBN: 9781838174613

A Creative Process for Navigating Change

Sara J. Simons

The Art of Transition guides you through strategic processing, utilizing both logic (left-brain engagement) exercises, and creative brain integration (right-brain engagement) through simple but effective art and movement exercises.

  • How do we approach transition—especially difficult and often unwanted transitions—with our whole selves, not just our often spinning and frantic
  • How do we fully engage, embrace and receive from this unique season what is vital to learn?

This whole-person integrated approach is not only unique, but it is based in solid research and helps give relief to the all-too-familiar ruts of heavy cognitive processing we find ourselves in during the stress of transition, that bring with it anxiety and such limited awareness. Through 6 main themes of transition, utilizing more than 35 holistic process tools—Movement tools, getting Unstuck tools, and Transition tools—you will find yourself with ample resources for creatively navigating your transition season! This resource guide can be utilized individually as a self-guided practice, or as a companion to the Art of Transition workshop experience, or 2-Day Life Planning process with your transition coach (see offerings at thewaybetween.org).

Publisher: Springtime Books