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The Charge of the Brit Brigade

Book Cover: The Charge of the Brit Brigade

Tales from Post-Socialist Prague

Jo Weaver

The Velvet Revolution is over and the capital of what was then Czechoslovakia is on the cusp of change. Foreign businesses are making their way towards Prague hoping to be the first to capitalise on what is seen to be a huge new market. And with them come the young, hungry and often extrovert first frontiers who see the place as the next big thing. When Jo lands in Prague in the early nineties, she has no idea her life will turn upside down. Starting a business about which she knows very little in a place that is not her home is a mad idea but Jo is single and ambitious. So what that she has never run a business before? Who cares that she can’t speak Czech? In those days, if you had a good idea and were prepared to work hard you had nothing to lose. This is a time of high jinks and hope in a city with one foot in the past and the other determinedly in the future. At times Jo teeters on the brink of failure, but as her business grows everything looks bright – apart from her love life, her finances, and her long-term future.

Publisher: JWA Press
Reviews:Carola Zentner, The Insider’s Guide to Hampstead, Muswell Hill, Highgate and Crouch End wrote:

"An innocent abroad writes about her life, warts and all, with verve and humour. A very entertaining read!"

Adam Bager, Founder, LLB Group, Central and Eastern Europe wrote:

"Hilarious and honest account of the playground that was Prague in the early 1990s."

Rostya Gordon-Smith, Úspěšně s kůží na trh, Founder and CEO, Minerva 21 wrote:

"Jo has a great eye and her instinct in depicting the early 1990s as an expat in Prague is spot on! Her journey of adaptation and self-discovery in a foreign land is perfect. What a sense of humour! I managed to laugh and cry throughout."

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