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The ChrisLin Method

Book Cover: The ChrisLin Method
ISBN: 9781915548146
ISBN: 9781915548153
5 Steps for Working Creatively with Imagery & Metaphor
A step-by-step guide to facilitating lasting transformation, presented in a practical, clear and approachable way, The ChrisLin Method deserves a prominent place in any practitioner’s toolkit.

Since the beginning of time, people of the world have expressed themselves through art, music, dance, drama and storytelling. In their groundbreaking book, Christina Bachini and Lindsey Wheeler offer practitioners – counsellors, coaches, art therapists and anyone engaged in delivering therapy or facilitating personal development – a practical guide to integrating creativity into their practice.

Built on 50+ years of collective experience, The ChrisLin Method uses creativity to help clients look at the underlying, unconscious drivers that affect their unhelpful emotions. It is through creatively exploring these unhelpful emotions that clients can untangle their inner world.​

With easy to follow Steps, Core Questions, Frameworks and Case Studies, this comprehensive method will enable you to:

  • Understand how creativity works
  • Know when to offer creativity to your clients
  • Be confident in using The ChrisLin Method as an intervention
  • Learn how to work with your client’s creation.​ 
Publisher: Springtime Books

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