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The Culture Key Between Asia and the West

Book Cover: The Culture Key Between Asia and the West
ISBN: 9789811152535

Essentials For Global Business Success

Dr. Zsuzsanna Tungli

Do you want to execute your international strategy successfully, fully realize your market opportunities and lead your multinational teams effectively? This book explores the main cultural differences you cannot afford to ignore: 1. Direct and indirect communication styles; 2. The different approaches to hierarchy; 3. The role of silence in communication; and 4. Priority: task or relationship.

Publisher: Zsuzsanna Tungli
Reviews:Fons Trompenaars, author of the bestselling book, Riding the Waves of Culture wrote:

A must read for those who want to improve their effectiveness in international business.

Alex von Behr, former Global Chief Customer Officer, Unilever wrote:

A clear, concise and common sense guide, full of engaging examples.

Dr. Maury Peiperl, Dean, George Mason University School of Business wrote:

The Culture Key is the most insightful treatment of cross-cultural management I have read in years.