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The Expat Activity Book

Book Cover: The Expat Activity Book
Editions:Paperback: £ 14.89
ISBN: 9781500148317
Kindle: £ 3.87

The Expat Activity Book: 20 Personal Development Activities for Gaining Insight and Maximizing Your Potential Wherever You Are

Jodi Harris

Whether you’re a diplomat, a military family member, a recently returned volunteer, missionary, study abroad student or intern, The Expat Activity Book  is designed to give you new tools and insight for personal growth. Written in an accessible, conversational style, The Expat Activity Book draws on author Jodi Harris’s years of experience as an expat, social worker and life coach. Each of the activities addresses a specific experience commonly faced by people who move from one country to another, including: understanding how to better live outside your comfort zone, cultivating awareness in the face of culture shock, developing community, preparing for transition, and many more. The self-paced activities can be revisited as needed and repeated any number of times. This book’s twenty activities will help you get unstuck, look at things anew and home in on what matters most to you…wherever you are.

Reviews:Meghan Fenn, author of Bringing Up Brits wrote:

I love this book, and have recommended it to so many fellow expats! The well thought out activities that Harris has devised can help expats at whatever stage they are at on their journey. I've been an expat for the past twenty years and I've never come across a book like this until now (so excited to have discovered it!) and although I am a seasoned expat, I found the activities to be really helpful. I love the style Harris uses which is fun but serious, forgiving but committed, accessible and authentic. Her own story is wonderful and I felt such a kindred spirit with the author which I'm sure so many of her readers do too.

Leah Evans, After School Plans wrote:

I highly recommend this for anyone going through an international move (or any transition, for that matter).