The Flight of The Soul Millionaire

Book Cover: The Flight of The Soul Millionaire
Editions:Paperback: £ 14.99 GBP
ISBN: 978-1-9997323-7-0
Kindle: £ 5.99 GBPePub: £ 5.99 GBP
ISBN: 9781999732387

For Radical Financial Advisers Who Dare to Soar

David J Scarlett

Okay… so you and your team are already doing a really good job for clients. But are you creating a business – no matter how small – that could be described as ‘Great’, ‘Exceptional’, ‘Industry-Changing’? Is your company a place of creativity and re-energising joy? Do you understand how your role can, literally, transform people’s lives? And do you care?

David has already proven himself a Master Storyteller in his book The Soul Millionaire. Now he has created a work which leaders in Financial Services are calling ‘Unique’, ‘Transformative’, ‘Fascinating’, ‘Powerful’ and even ‘Beautiful’.

Supported by robust research… coherently structured… beautifully-crafted… utterly, utterly different to anything created in the Financial Services sector… The Flight of The Soul Millionaire will take you on a journey which will shake you to the core. It will cause you to rethink the very purpose of your profession.

Not only will it change the way you lead your business but when you apply these principles, you’ll be in danger of soaring to heights you never thought possible!

Publisher: Springtime Books
Reviews:Ruth Sturkey, FPFS Chartered Financial Planner CFP, Client Director – London, Paradigm Norton Financial Planning Ltd wrote:

This is encouraging, exciting, inspiring stuff. I urge you to read it. Read it again. Act on it. You’ll change lives.

Alan Smith, CEO, Capital Asset Management wrote:

The world of retail financial services is at a crossroads right now; and this book has arrived at the perfect time. If you dare to be different – not just better – this is an essential read.

Author: David J Scarlett

David J Scarlett is the founder of The Soul Millionaire leadership coaching programmes, and the creator of the revolutionary business concept, The Soul Millionaire Journey. Working with boutique firms in the financial planning community, David helps leaders and executives create iconic organisations, lead exceptional teams, live the lives they’d really love and ultimately make a greater difference in their world. David’s first book, The Soul Millionaire, was an Amazon Best Seller and introduced a fresh perspective to the impact of business and money on our lives. The parable was based on David’s life where, age 28, he was broke, homeless and desperate. David then turned his life around, repaid over £100,000 of debt, and became a respected fee-based financial planner and, eventually, an executive coach. His story has influenced many entrepreneurs across the world. This new book takes the ageless principles underpinning his original book 'The Soul Millionaire' and maps them into any small to medium size business, transforming the way they think, impact others and accomplish surprising performance and results. Immerse yourself in the Journey. Just make sure you’re ready for the transformation you’re about to experience!