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The Golden Land

Book Cover: The Golden Land
ISBN: ‎ 9781936970759

Elizabeth Shick

A debut novel that digs deep into the complexities of family history and relationships.

When Etta’s grandmother dies, she is compelled to travel to Myanmar to explore complicated adolescent memories of her grandmother’s family and the violence she witnessed there. Full of rich detail and complex relationships, The Golden Land explores those personal narratives that might lie beneath the surface of historical accounts.

Winner of the AWP Prize for the Novel.



Publisher: New Issues Poetry and Prose
Reviews:Sabina Murray, author of The Human Zoo and Valiant Gentlemen on Elizabeth Shick wrote:

"An engrossing tale told across generations with the explosive history of Myanmar as its backdrop."

Kyoko Mori, author of Yarn: Remembering the Way Home on Elizabeth Shick wrote:

“A remarkable novel, at once informative and deeply felt.”

Douglas Bauer, author of The Beckoning World on Elizabeth Shick wrote:

“A rich, ever-beckoning novel that’s historically sure, culturally acute, and, most of all, humanly wise.”

Michael Lowenthal, author of Charity Girl on Elizabeth Shick wrote:

“The Golden Land radiates with cultural empathy, a glow that might light a path toward justice.”

Hester Kaplan, author of The Tell on Elizabeth Shick wrote:

“Vividly drawn, intimate, and deeply healing.”

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