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The Guilty Can’t Say Goodbye

Book Cover: The Guilty Can't Say Goodbye
ISBN: 9781915548184
ISBN: 9781915548191

Three women. Three secrets. Three broken lives.

Mariam Navaid Ottimofiore

Can we ever escape our past?

When three women move to Portugal and are thrown together by happenstance, little do they know how dramatically their lives are about to change.

Fatima Khan is a Pakistani writer with a gift for languages, a German husband, a ten-year-old daughter, and a determination to escape her mother’s clutches. Kate Miller is a driven, no-nonsense American diplomat who needs to get her way, even as her marriage flounders. Abena Nyator is a warm and kind-hearted Ghanaian entrepreneur consumed with self-doubt. Each of them looking for a fresh start. Each of them haunted by their past. Each of them burdened by horrendous secrets.

A visit by Fatima’s mother threatens to derail her new life and forces her to face her demons. And when all-consuming guilt gets the better of Kate and Abena, each must make a momentous decision. Set against a sweeping international backdrop—Lisbon, Singapore, Karachi, Houston, Copenhagen, Berlin, Dubai, Brighton, and Accra—the three women are forced to confront an inconvenient truth: the guilty can’t say goodbye.


Publisher: Springtime Books
Reviews:Awais Khan, author wrote:

Rich, multi-layered and gripping … a novel to be cherished.

Lisa Lynn Ericson, author wrote:

Inventive, suspenseful, heartwarming, and culturally masterful.

Michael Langan, author wrote:

Beautifully evokes place and the experience of displacement.

Apple Gidley, author wrote:

The twists, turns, and secrets produce a lush, sometimes sinister, debut novel.

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