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The Inside Secrets

Book Cover: The Inside Secrets
Pages: 25

Jo Parfitt

You have finally made the decision to start writing your life stories. That’s terrific news. Now you can relax in the knowledge that all the things that have happened to you, your experiences, your learnings, the people who have influenced and shaped you, the places you have been and everything that matters to you can be preserved.

When you write your life stories you can:

  • Share what you know
  • Share your stories
  • Ensure your knowledge does not go to waste
  • Leave a legacy
  • Inspire your readers
  • Let your memories live again
  • Start to write richer, fuller journals and accounts of your daily life

Everyone knows the importance of strong foundations. As a published writer, Jo Parfitt has made her fair share of mistakes. Now, here, She shares with you the Inside Secrets - How to Write Your Life Story. Now you can craft compelling stories that leap off the page. At last your stories can give your reader a glimpse of your life, let your experiences live again you help the world begin to understand who you really are.

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Publisher: Summertime Publishing