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The Millennial Money Masterplan

Book Cover: The Millennial Money Masterplan
ISBN: 9781838174637
ISBN: 9781838174668

How Millennials (and anyone else for that matter) can achieve True Financial Freedom in 10 years or less

Matthew Smith

Just days into his honeymoon, Matthew Smith found himself in a Las Vegas hospital ward battling for his life. A nut in the steakhouse's starter provoked a lethal allergic reaction that resulted in three touch-and-go weeks in a hospital bed and a £210,000 medical bill. Matthew is one of the smartest young thinkers in the personal finance world - his travel insurance footed the bill. But as Matt questioned existence in that Desert Springs Hospital bed, he made the decisions that would change his life forever:

  • To achieve financial freedom as soon as possible...
  • By only doing work that has meaning and is fulfilling...
  • Without losing a lifestyle of travel and luxury along the way...

It took Matt four years to re-pay £25,000 in debt, create a six-figure savings portfolio, build a multimillion-pound business and be well on his way to financial freedom. Now he wants you to get there faster.

The Millennial Money Masterplan contains tried-and-tested budgeting and money management techniques to get you debt-free and on your way to a richer life. Real-life examples of passive income, side-hustles and online businesses help shatter the status quo that Millennials will never stop paying rent.

Stop living pay cheque to pay cheque... give up soul destroying corporate jobs... find True Financial Freedom... AND have a great life in the process.

So, what are you waiting for? Let the journey begin.

Publisher: Springtime Books
Reviews:Paul Armson, ​CEO, Inspiring Advisers wrote:

An inspiring book about money - and life.

David Batchelor, ​MD, Wills & Trusts wrote:

Matt Smith shares with us how to understand what is important and how to achieve it.

Andy Hart, founder ​Humans Under Management wrote:

Finally, a book that talks directly to the group of people who've in some ways been left high and dry by conventional financial education and money lessons passed down by their parents.

Abraham Okusanya, ​CEO, Timeline wrote:

Matthew has distilled these pearls of wisdom, acquired through years of advising high net worth families, into a few practical steps for everyone.