The Mission of Detective Mike

Book Cover: The Mission of Detective Mike
Editions:Paperback: £ 16.00 GBP
ISBN: 9781904881209
Pages: 58
Kindle: £ 5.99 GBP

The Mission of Detective Mike Moving Abroad

Simone Costa T. Eriksson & Ana Serra

Mike is unsettled. He knows that something odd is happening at home because his parents are whispering all the time. But, being a detective, Mike is quickly on the case. He enlists his friend Ikem to help him get to the bottom of the mystery. Mike and his family are moving to another country, making him confused and fearful. What will happen to his toys, his room, his friends, his house? How will he learn to talk in a new language and how will he ever make new friends? As his mission gathers momentum, Mike and Ikem find the answers to his questions and solutions to his problems. One of the authors is a psychologist, both are experienced expatriates, parents, storytellers and interculturalists. The Mission of Detective Mike Moving Abroad will allay the fears of every relocating family member as this sensitive story, written in words and terms that make sense to young children, shares rock solid strategies and advice that anyone will find easy to apply.

Reviews:Susan Adkins on Partenting While Abroad wrote:

The book’s poignant words speak to adults as well as children. "We've also learned the difference between a house and a home. We see a house with our eyes. A home we see and feel with our hearts.” The comfort provided by such wisdom knows no borders.

Author: Simone

Simone´s interest in the long-term impact of expatriation on executive performance and on family relations started with her own experience of 13 years abroad (USA, Sweden, Poland, and Italy) – most of this time as an expatriate mother of two. Simone´s previous professional business experience in international recruitment, headhunting and customer service was later combined with her passion for international development. Qualifications include: – Psychologist (member of the British Psychological Society) – MBA from Lund University, Sweden – Intercultural Coach (international certification from Integrated Coaching Institute- ICI) – Accredited trainer of ´Developing People Internationally´ (DPI) by York Associates – Licensed Associate of The International Profiler (TIP) intercultural assessment tool – Intercultural Trainer specialised in the Brazilian Way of Living and Working