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The Raft That Soared

Book Cover: The Raft That Soared
ISBN: 9781915264046

Dedicated to kids and families on the move, everywhere

Dr Rebecca Bower and Steven Ayling

​Join Sahana and David as they navigate the waters of change and transition. Delve into their world of hopes, fears and dreams as their journey of self-discovery takes them to unfamiliar places. As you experience their world, we hope that you too can look ahead to your future moves with a sense of hope, calm and wonder as you embrace new and exciting adventures. 
New authors Rebecca Bower and Steven Ayling bring to life the groundbreaking work of Ruth Van Reken and the late David Pollock with bold simplicity, insight and charm.

Reviews:Ruth Van Reken, co-author of Third Culture Kids wrote:

"A welcome addition to the world of global mobility. Needs to be a standard tool for educators and parents alike to use with the children in their care."

Michael Pollock, co-author of Third Culture Kids wrote:

“As a Third Culture Kid (TCK), parent of TCKs and TCK educator I can say unequivocally how excited I am to see The RAFT That Soared be shared with the world.”

Michele Borba, Ed.D, author wrote:

“Delves into the range of real and sometimes very raw emotions… a thought-provoking story and excellent resource for supporting young people.

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