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The Singing Warrior

Book Cover: The Singing Warrior

Finding Happiness After a Life Filled with Pain and Abuse​

Niamh Ni Bhroin

Niamh was born in Dublin and was convent-educated. Her physical abuse by the nuns and sexual abuse by a friend of the family (as a young child), had consequences right up through to her adult life. Her absent seagoing father and over-controlling mother also made her seem vulnerable all her life. However, when she travelled to London, then Greece, her life started to change, or so she thought. Unfortunately, the same patterns kept on cropping up. She married a controlling husband and spent many years in a life that was ruled by others. Her stay in the Netherlands was difficult and trying.

Her breakthrough came when she went to Africa for her 50th birthday and met a Masai warrior. She knew that her life had to radically change when he confronted her with the truths of her journey and it did. Within 3 months, she left a life, lifestyle and marriage and started a new life with her young daughter and two Ikea bags and a dog called Mozart. She went on a shamanic healing weekend in Scotland and came back the woman that she knew she truly was.

Publisher: Springtime Books

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