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The Winding Road to Portugal

Book Cover: The Winding Road to Portugal
ISBN: 9781905597994

20 Men from 11 Countries Share Their Stories

Louise Ross

How do men navigate life at a time fraught with great uncertainty and rapid change, working and moving country to country, on their own or with a family? Is their path easy, because they’re men, fortuned with greater liberties than women? Or do they encounter a different set of challenges, faced with the complexities of what it means to be a man today? Twenty men from 11 countries, business creatives-cum-entrepreneurial self-starters, some of whom pulled themselves up by the bootstraps, succeeding by their own efforts, share the truth of making different, oftentimes difficult decisions and life choices, eschewing the prescriptive straight and narrow path for the winding road.

The greatly anticipated sequel to Women Who Walk.

Reviews:Richard Zimmer, Author wrote:

One of the great benefits of The Winding Road to Portugal is that its 20 compelling stories oblige us to reflect on our own journey – to consider the decisions that ended up determining our current circumstances. The stories – so expertly collected and told by Louise Ross - teach us that there are times when escaping to a foreign country becomes the only way for us to find self-realization, companionship and lasting peace. Or, said another way, leaving for a faraway place becomes the only way for us to continue on the path to ourselves. In short, Louise Ross's book forces us to ask: how did we become the people we are?

Axel Bugge, former Chief Correspondent at Reuters Portugal wrote:

With this second anthology, Louise Ross is adding to the rich tapestry of stories belonging to the people who have come and gone from Portugal, who've made this country so fascinating. Today's expats and immigrants to this country on the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Atlantic Ocean, follow in the footsteps of everyone from North African Berbers to European Templars, English port wine makers and Indian textile merchants. Let's hope they go on to contribute as much to Portugal as those of the past.

Dr. Nigel Hall, MB BS MRCPsych wrote:

In The Winding Road to Portugal, Louise Ross bids 20 men to take a moment, sit in the shade by the roadside, look at the sky and reflect. She brings us their stories, as told by them; we share their footsteps. We are gifted the intimacy of journeys which are not ours and see new experiences unfolding from our borrowed vantage points.

Jack Scott, author wrote:

Ask twenty men how they came to live in Portugal and you’ll get some surprising answers. In this clever and well-crafted book, Louise Ross sits back and lets the men do the talking in their own words, and the result is fascinating, moving and funny. Highly recommended.