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Thongs or Flip Flops?

Book Cover: Thongs or Flip Flops?

Australian kids overseas and what comes next

Tanya Crossman & Kath Williams

There are about one million Australian citizens living outside Australia, including families with children. Some are sent abroad for work – with DFAT, the ADF, NGOs, multinational companies, or missionary organisations. Others take jobs in their fields outside Australia, and still others move to be near family in other parts of the world.

Australian kids growing up outside Australia are ‘Third Culture Kids’(TCKs). They build childhood memories and emotional connections in other places and communities. Their concept of what it means to be ‘Australian’ will be impacted by these experiences, and their re-entry to Australia is often unexpectedly rocky.

Thongs or Flip-Flops? provides Australian TCKs and Australian families living overseas with everything they need to know in order to thrive long term, no matter what paths they take in life.

Publisher: Summertime Publishing
Reviews:Stewart Hunt National Director, Interserve Australia wrote:

"A must-read for Aussie TCKs! Well-researched, with plenty of input from those who have struggled to call Australia home."

Dr. Caroline Brokvam, Principal, International School of Western Australia wrote:

"Having worked in international schools on four continents, and with three TCK dual-citizen Australian children of my own, I wish Thongs or Flip Flops? had been published earlier!"

Sandra Scott, Global Connect Ambassador wrote:

"A uniquely Australian guide for teachers, parents, and TCKs themselves. All Australian schools and public libraries need this book on their shelves."

Kelly Somerville, Australian International School, Singapore (AIS) wrote:

"Illuminates the path to lasting well-being during the reintegration process to Australia. An indispensable resource."

Robyn Vogels, International Relocation Specialist and Author wrote:

“A book for the Australian soul, to look within yourself and make sense of what being an Australian means to you.”

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