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Twelve Camels For Your Wife

Book Cover: Twelve Camels For Your Wife
ISBN: 9798733800868

An Englishman's Lifelong Love Affair With Turkey

George Dearsley

Charmed by the fulsome hospitality of strangers, enthralled by breathtaking archeological sites, dazzled by beautiful beaches and scenery the author fell in love with Turkey in 1972. The lifelong romance that followed has included many incredible, sometimes sad but more often comical situations as a regular holiday destination later became a permanent home. They include being arrested as a spy, watching a man swallow a snake, judging a beauty contest, being given a front row seat at a circumcision and seeing Turkey's most famous criminal crash a plane. Whether you are a casual traveller, looking to live abroad or a seasoned ex pat the book seeks to explain Turkey's sometimes crazy but endearing customs, habits and culture. 

Publisher: Independently Published
Reviews:Jack Scott wrote:

Funny, insightful and poignant.