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Worlds Apart

Book Cover: Worlds Apart
ISBN: 9780998223322

A Third Culture Kid's Journey

Marilyn R Gardner

This sequel to Marilyn Gardner's Between Worlds probes deeply into the journey that forms a third culture kid’s identity. Gardner weaves together memories of joy and pain, close friendships and loneliness in a compelling portrait of an international childhood. From the close quarters of boarding school, to the strangeness of furloughs in her parents’ native Massachusetts, Worlds Apart is an honest and moving portrayal of a young girl’s struggles with faith, friendship, and belonging. The book offers an inspiring model for other third culture kids seeking to make sense of their unique experience, and the final chapter brings together many practical resources to help TCKs navigate their own journey.

Worlds Apart incorporates material previously published by Doorlight Publications under the title Passages Through Pakistan.

Publisher: Doorlight Publications
Reviews:Rachel Pieh Jones wrote:

This is a book that shows the complications of a challenging childhood, the healing power of a faithful life, and the precious gifts Third Culture Kids are to the world.

Ambassador Jonathan Addleton, author of The Dust of Kandahar and Some Far and Distant Place wrote:

Part spiritual reflection, part childhood reminiscence and part travelogue, Marilyn’s book will be especially welcomed by those trying to make sense of their own personal stories, especially if they involve transitions across multiple cultures and geographic locations.