Book Cover: You are the Horse and You are the Rider
Editions:Paperback: £ 18.00
ISBN: 9780648256908
Pages: 146
Kindle: £ 9.00

Sara K Beaumont-Connop and Michael R Beaumont-Connop

This is a brilliantly insightful work exploring the links between body and mind, wellness and disease; both intriguing and innovative, Sara Beaumont-Connop’s writing is accompanied by her husband, Michael’s sharp and illuminating sketches. This is an absorbing, thoughtful book providing excellent explanations of functional and dysfunctional behaviour packed full with relevant examples from the authors vast professional background and offers cutting edge thinking. This work is rich with story, graphics and an holistic approach for a happier, healthier life, but it’s greatest gift is that it offers an accessible roadmap for personal transformation.

Shoshanna Cogan. M.S Counseling. International Training and Consulting

It is a veritable global nomad’s guide to the galaxies; all of them; replete with the humour and pragmatism from Down Under.  Having worked as a physician for decades with expatriates in overseas settings, there has always been a need for great resource books and here’s one you should read and have! The introduction presents the concept of the disparate horse and rider. Through vignettes and well illustrated rich scientific theory this concept grows through the book, culminating in a cleverly integrated function as a “Centaured being.”This will join my list of recommended readings. In the waiting room or on the coffee table, it will inspire conversation, introspection and action.

Dr Mark Davis MD Supervising Physician George Washington Medical Faculty Assoc, Georgetown University, USA

Reviews:Johannes Sijbrant, President New Zealand Association of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists; 1989-2008 wrote:

This volume is truly helpful and brings clarity to a complex mass of ideas, theories and concepts that many, not only people outside our professions either, have found little of in terms of helpful, integrated frameworks where understanding is expanded, balanced and structured in a clear way. I feel that this book is successfully presenting such integrated framework; I have not come across anything of this ‘width’ when still working in the field.

Dr Richard Tomlins MB, BB, FRACGP, BEcon, Medicine wrote:

A very readable, very well written impressive book with an intriguing title! The author is a very experienced national and international mental health practitioner. The book skilfully brings together complex and abstruse psychological theories and explains them in a simple understandable form which can then be used by anyone looking to manage change successfully.

Dr Lim Yun Chin MBBS, DPM(UK), M Med(Psych) wrote:

This is such a useful bedside book for everyone who’s interested in mental and physical health, both professionals and lay readers!

Dr James Allen BA, MS, MD, Senior Advisor, Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility, Chevron wrote:

This book is studded with brilliant insights!