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You’re in America – Now What?

Book Cover: You're in America - Now What?
ISBN: 9781950936465
ISBN: 9781950936472

7 Skillsets to Integrate with Ease and Joy

Senait Mesfin Piccigallo

You're in America - Now What? is a guide to help immigrants transition into their new country, your new home. The book reflects the author's life experiences of coming to her new home by way of China and Eritrea. It includes seven researched skillsets designed and based on stories and advice for first-generation immigrants from developing nations to make the American integration process easier and enjoyable.

When you read and work the steps in You're in America - Now What? you will:

  • Feel more confident in navigating into the American culture
  • Learn how to communicate with ease
  • Expand your support system and overcome loneliness
  • Feel like you belong in your new country
Publisher: Knowledge Power Books

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