Perking the Pansies2Author Jack Scott shares his delight at – and the strategy behind– the mass-market appeal of Perking the Pansies – Jack and Liam move to Turkey.

You might imagine that a memoir about a gay couple moving to Turkey might have limited appeal. Perking the Pansies is about Liam and I adjusting to expat life in a Muslim land, with a large pinch of camp humour thrown in the mix and a side of extra ‘bite’ for extra tension. I never thought our story would be lapped up by so many people, from so many backgrounds and in so many locations. Well, so far, it has and I find that quite remarkable. What’s surprised me the most is the popularity of the book across the Pond. This may, in part, be due to the intervention of my American editor who did a sterling job checking for British idioms and cultural references that might have flown over the heads of my American readers. Striking a balance between the essentially British feel of the book and appealing to the greatest possible audience was always going to be tough, but we seem to have managed it. Somehow. Cor blimey, mate.

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